Can you pay with virtual wallets and get a VAT refund?

Can you pay with virtual wallets and get a VAT refund?

This Monday the measure announced by the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate came into effect (Union for the Homeland) Sergio Massawhich includes VAT refund about the purchase of different products, and questions persist such as what happens if you pay with DNI account or virtual wallet.

The program, as announced, is intended for monotributistas, retirees and pensioners, AUH beneficiaries and workers in a dependency relationship who earn up to $708,000 per month.

This came into effect Monday, September 18 and the return has a monthly limit of $18,800 when purchasing products from the company with a debit card Basic Food Basket (CBA). It was noted that the return of VAT It is valid until December 31 of this year.

In this sense, one of the questions circulating is whether this benefit will apply to virtual wallets such as DNI account of the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires or Mercado Pago. And the answer is partial.

Until now, the owner of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), Carlos Castagnetoreported that the DNI account officially joined the benefit of VAT refunds on purchases.

Castagneto He noted that, for the moment, the measure will apply to purchases made with a debit card and DNI accountat the same time that he recalled that negotiations are underway to incorporate the other virtual wallets.

In the case of Mercado Pago, the use of debit card through Payment Market this authorized for purchases with returns, both for QR and with Mercado Pago POS.

– The refund is made by the card issuer and is carried out within the same period established by the regulations.

– This is now available as of Monday 9/18.


How are returns applied?

The program “Buy without VAT” It is per beneficiary, not per family group. In a family with a married couple where one is employed in a dependent relationship and the other is a monotributist, for example, both have the benefit separately.

In that sense, the Government explained that each person “will be identified with the CUIL or CUIT in the database to limit the limit” in that amount.

Even if the person has more than one debit card, the program is applied per beneficiary, so if you have, for example, two cards, you will not have double the benefit.

The products included in the measure are all those that are part of the Basic Food Basket (CBA) of INDEC. You can also buy personal hygiene products.

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