Israeli oil company drills wells in the Falkland Islands

Israeli oil company drills wells in the Falkland Islands
September 19, 2023 – 1:51 p.m.

The goal is to begin the series of extractions next year. The Government’s response to Great Britain’s advance in the Islands.

The Israeli company Navitas Petroleum made a publication in the falkland newspaper Penguin Newsin which he requested ideas and companies to begin exploiting the Sea Lion/León Marino sitelocated in the northern basin of the Falkland Islands. His proposal is, for next year to be able drill 18 wellsand thus extract 80,000 barrels of oil per day.

Last year, the company took the 65% of the total Share package that he owned Rockhopper Exploration PLC in the northern basin, which it had obtained in 2010 through a purchase from the British government. The Navitas publication includes the terms and Conditions of the legislation of the island and of the company itself, which include matters of environment and catering.

Your offer invites potential bidders to present themselves as local suppliers of goods and services, as long as they meet competitive quality, price and delivery time requirements.


It is not the only foreign company with a presence on the islands, since the Argentine Rappallini SA - dedicated to providing services to the oil, gas and mining industries - has a plane located there.

It’s not the only one foreign company with presence on the islands, since Argentina Rappallini SA -dedicated to providing services to the oil, gas and mining industries- has located a plane over there.

The offshore proposal

The policy launched by Navitas requests that local businesses make expressions of interest and support for a series of infrastructure projects what do you need for develop the extractive project“. An example of this would be the renovation and consolidation of the access road to the temporary dock in Argentine Port, which would allow efficient and safe transit for activities in the coming years; and the redesign of said access to support two paths of intense flow of trucks with heavy trailers.

Besides the remodeling -which includes raising lighting and security levels- seek to ensure access to the port’s floating dock, remove floating material adjacent to the sector, and create a dredging and a channel that allows better maritime operation.

The oil company’s publication calls on all interested companieswhich must send your proposalsdetailing the structure and ownership of the company, as well as a summary of jobs and experience relevant to marine construction and associated operations.

The tentative plan has already taken public statusand plans to reach 18 drillings in just 18 months, through a platform ship storage and offloading (FPSO), which in 2024 would achieve a oil production of 80 thousand barrels per day in the term of 30 to 42 months later.


As far as he could know Ambit from official sources, in the coming Chancellery and the Secretariat of Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic will express their rejection of the initiative of the foreign company.

Source: Ambito

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