Sergio Massa expedites the sending to Congress of the VAT refund bill

Sergio Massa expedites the sending to Congress of the VAT refund bill

The head of the Treasury held a meeting with the president of the lower house, Cecilia Moreau, the head of Customs, William Michelle and his AFIP pair, Carlos Castagneto to finalize the details of the text you are looking for leave the temporary tax refund measure firm for purchases of products from the basic basket announced days ago.

The project will focus on the refund total of VAT to the monotributistas, retirees and workers.

This Tuesday, during a tour of Moreno, the presidential candidate announced that they are preparing article by article the text that will aim to benefit the hardest hit sectors.

“We made the decision to fundamentally change the most regressive tax that exists in Argentina, which is the VAT. It cannot be that a beneficiary of a social program, a retiree or a temporary worker or an employee of private homes, pays the same tax that the owner of a bank pays is unfair,” he said first of all about the measure that began to operate this Monday. As he explained, the decision to return VAT will benefit 22 million Argentines in the basic food basket.

But he also announced that, as with what happened with Ganancias, they will promote the reform through Congress. “Not only are we proposing it for the next 90 days, we are sending the law to Congress so that, just as today they are discussing the elimination of the Income Tax, the VAT refund for all the most vulnerable sectors of Argentina remains by law.” , said.

New measures

As advanced Ambit, The minister is working in New measures which will be announced before September 27, when the deadline for candidates to make official announcements expires.

In addition to the VAT reform, the Ministry of Economy is finalizing details of the new provisions to informal workers, self-employed and sectors industrial.

In the case of the universe of workers who are outside the formal economy, the minister seeks to reach a total of 3 million people who until now were not reached by the palliative measures announced after the devaluation.

Likewise, the announcement of a Tax relief for merchants, professionals and service providers who are tax classified as self-employed.

Meanwhile, INDEC announced this Tuesday the 4.9% year-on-year contraction of economic activity during the second quarter of the year. Furthermore, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) between April and June of this year it was 2.8% below that registered between January and March, the organization added.

The objective of the measures announced by Massa aim to mitigate the decline in economic activity and contain the impact of the inflation in the purchasing power of salary and retirements.

Source: Ambito

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