Weihenstephan and Sachsenmilch are recalling fresh milk

Weihenstephan and Sachsenmilch are recalling fresh milk

The Weihenstephan and Sachsenmilch dairies are recalling certain batches of their milk that could potentially cause infections, with almost identical reasons.

Major milk recall in Germany: Two dairies, Weihenstephan and Sachsenmilch, are recalling certain batches of fresh milk. As Weihenstephan reported on Thursday in Freising, Bavaria, the product “Weihenstephan Fresh Milk 1.5% Fat” in the one-liter and half-liter packs is affected. The liter packs are products with a best before date of October 6th and 8th, while the 0.5 liter packs have a best before date of October 7th.

Almost word for word was the recall of Sachsenmilch in Leppersdorf in the Bautzen district in Saxony. The dairy is recalling the products “Sachsenmilch Frische Milch 1.5% fat” in the one-liter pack with a best-before date of October 8th. Microbiological deviations would have been identified as part of a self-examination.

Weihenstephan and Sachsenmilch: Affected milk can trigger infections

According to dairies, the affected milk can cause infections. In vulnerable groups such as infants, small children, pregnant women, seniors and people with weakened immune systems, the illnesses could potentially become serious.

The following applies to both recalls: Buyers should return the milk cartons to the stores, where they will be exchanged without a receipt. Weihenstephan and Sachsenmilch cite technical problems as the cause of the milk contamination. Both say the problems have now been resolved.

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