step by step to declare the CBU before the AFIP

step by step to declare the CBU before the AFIP
September 22, 2023 – 2:19 p.m.

In order to receive the refund, this requirement is essential.

Once the new CBU is registered, the banking entity must issue an authorization for its use.

After the debut of 21% refund on purchases in supermarkets, warehouses and other businesses, Users reported various inconveniences, including delays in refunds and some monotributistas and private home workers who meet the program requirements reported that No appear in the registry.

In many cases, this is because users They do not have the CBU declaredso the authorities have nowhere to make the refund, despite the fact that, on several occasions, the Ministry of Economy highlighted that to be a beneficiary no registration procedure is necessaryYes, there is an essential and mandatory requirement to receive the refund without any problem: have the CBU declared before the AFIP.

The Uniform Bank Code, Also known as CBU, it constitutes an identification code made up of 22 digits, unique and unrepeatable, of a public nature. This code is used by banking institutions for the proper identification of accounts belonging to their clients.

It is vitally important that this key is duly registered with the AFIP. Otherwise, The receipt of refunds or deposits from the State will not be permitted.either in this specific situation or in other similar ones.

Although the vast majority of program beneficiaries, such as monotributistas, retirees, workers exempt from Income Tax and recipients of the Universal Child Allowancealready have this requirement due to their activities or having previously received some benefit, it is essential to emphasize the importance of carrying out this prior step explicitly.

How to register a new CBU in AFIP

Step 1: Obtain the CBU number

  • Enter Homebanking of the banking entity in which the account linked to the debit card used or to be used is located.
  • Find the CBU number. It is usually found in the section “Account details” or “Account information”.
  • Copy, write or write down the CBU number somewhere safe.

Step 2: Access the AFIP service

  • Enter the AFIP website with your tax code.
  • Select the service “CBU Statement“.
  • Click the ” buttonGet into“.

Step 3: Register the new CBU

  • In the CBU list, click on the ” buttonRegister CBU“.
  • In the countryside “CBU number“, enter the CBU number obtained in step 1.
  • In the countryside “Reason“, select the reason for registering the new CBU.
  • Click the ” buttonReport CBU“.

Step 4: Receive authorization from the bank

Once the new CBU is registered, The banking entity must issue an authorization for its use.. The authorization will be notified through the Electronic Tax Address.


  • To avoid errors, it is important to copy the CBU number directly from Homebanking.
  • If the CBU is registered for a specific reason, such as returns, My Facilities or monotax payment, it is important to select the corresponding reason.
  • Once you receive the authorization email from the bank, it is important to verify that the registered CBU number is correct.

Frequent questions

  • What happens if I make a mistake when registering the CBU number?

If you make a mistake when registering the CBU number, you can request its modification through the service “AFIP CBU Statement.

  • How long does it take to approve the registration of a new CBU?

Registration of a new CBU It usually takes between 24 and 48 hours to be approved.

  • How can I check the status of my CBU registration application?

To check the status of your CBU registration application, You can enter the AFIP “CBU Declaration” service. In the CBU list, you can see the status of each request.

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