The Néstor Kirchner Gasduct has already allowed savings of US$421 million

The Néstor Kirchner Gasduct has already allowed savings of US$421 million
September 22, 2023 – 15:06

The work is injecting volumes of gas that replace on average energy purchases for US$12 million per day, Enarsa reported.

The President Néstor Kirchner Gasduct (GPNK) Since its inception, it has allowed the Argentina save US$421 million in energy imports, and is injecting volumes of gas that replace, on average, energy purchases US$12 million per dayreported this Friday Argentine Energy (Enarsa).

“This project promoted by the Minister (of Economy) Sergio Massa It is a reality that brings with it an enormous impact on our energy balance, with savings that already exceed the US$420 million and whose gas allows us to replace more than US$12 million in energy imports,” highlighted the president of Enarsa, Agustín Gerez.

Along these lines, he added that “this is just the beginning of a new stage for our country, which will quickly lead us to achieve energy sovereignty by consolidating public investment in strategic infrastructure.”


Enarsa He explained that the pipe that connects Treatyén (Neuquén) with Salliqueló (Buenos Aires) has contributed a total of 482 million cubic meters of additional gas from Dead cowa significant volume of gas that in some days reached an injection of 14 million cubic meters of gas, “above forecasts,” he stressed.

The first section of the GPNK between Treatyén and Salliqueló It is a fundamental and historic work, planned and executed by Enarsawhich allows increasing the production of Dead cow (second unconventional gas reserve in the world), expand gas transportation capacity and make it reach consumption centers, the company stated.

Likewise, he recalled that, with 573 kilometers in length, the GPNK crosses the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro, La Pampa and Buenos Airesand more than 47,700 pipes measuring 12 meters long and 36 inches in diameter were used for its construction.

The work was carried out in a record time of 10 months, when the usual thing for this type of undertaking is that it takes 24 months, he concluded. Enarsa.

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