Three questions for… Patricia Neumann, head of Siemens Austria

Three questions for… Patricia Neumann, head of Siemens Austria

WWhat is special about the new training facility?

Here in Linz we have implemented the most innovative concept: The trainees need a space where they can retreat individually to learn, and then again they want to learn as a team. Learning in the “new work” style, i.e. from home, is also possible.

WWhich people are you looking for?

What we look for is the curiosity in people that helps us learn the new technologies that are important to customers. The opportunities for your own career path and your customers are optimally offered here. We try to get the young people to work on specific projects as early as possible. The prerequisite for the training is an interest in technology.

DFor boys, climate protection is becoming increasingly important. What is Siemens doing about it?

We are well on the way to becoming climate neutral as a group by 2030. Is it easy? No! We are trying to produce more efficiently in the industry, keyword digital twin. Can we do more with fewer resources? With a digital twin, you can travel more resource-efficiently and sustainably – although we understand sustainability much more broadly than just ecologically.

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