Salary increase for bank employees: how much they will earn in October

Salary increase for bank employees: how much they will earn in October
September 26, 2023 – 2:21 p.m.

The banking union managed to advance a parity increase to September (salary charged in October). In this way, between January and this month the increase in salaries reaches 97%.

The Banking Association (AB) reached an agreement with the business chambers to advance in September the 16.8% added to the agreed 5.2%, retroactive to August 1.

So, union workers will achieve an increase of 22% in the monthwhich will be applied to all conventional and non-conventional remuneration and additional payments based on December 2022 salaries. In this way, from January to this month the increase equal will reach 97%.

As the official statement clarifies, the increase is in advance “since if inflation exceeds 97% it will be automatically adjusted, with banking entities having to apply the corresponding retroactive salary difference.”


What will be the bank employee’s salary in October?

In this way, the minimum initial banking salary of September, which is charged in October, will be $472,647.82, made up of the following concepts:

– $456,164.56 (initial salary) + $16,483.26 (profit sharing).

The bonus corresponding to banking daywhich is celebrated on November 6, is established so far at $406,654.92.

In addition, the union supported the increase in floor of Profits made by the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa and the elimination of the fourth category who received a half penalty in Deputieswhich particularly affects employees in this sector.

Source: Ambito

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