How much will workers’ salaries be in October?

How much will workers’ salaries be in October?
September 27, 2023 – 15:57

The UOCRA closed an increase of 27.5% between July and September in three sections. What increase will workers receive in October?

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The construction workers will receive 27.5% between July and September, in three sections with a review clause for September, so it should reopen shortly a new instance of peer review.

After receiving an extra 10% in July and 10% in August, workers in the sector will receive 7.5% more in their salary for September (which is received in October), as a cumulative increase for the five categories.

After the 20% devaluation of the peso and acceleration of the inflation -which in August reached 12.4%-, several unions demand reopening the joint ventures or anticipating their review, although the prudence of the union leaders prevails to avoid complicating the economic course set by Minister Sergio Massa.

Paritarias UOCRA: how much does a senior construction master, bricklayer, assistant, worker and construction watchman earn in October 2023?

Taking into account that September salaries increased by 7.5% compared to August, employees will receive the following amount in October (corresponding to the September salary):

  • The Specialized Officer category in Zone A is $1,383 per hour.
  • The Official category in Zone A is $1,178 per hour.
  • The Medium Official category in Zone A is $1,086 per hour.
  • The Helper category in Zone A is $999 per hour.
  • The Sereno category in Zone A per month $181,946 per hour.

UOCRA: what are the categories for workers?

In accordance with the provisions of the UOCRA, the areas will vary depending on the task performed by the worker. One by one the categories and the work to which they are associated:

  • Specialized officer: This is a journeyman, bricklayer or carpenter who has a specialty and who can read plans and act based on that knowledge.
  • Mason official: performs tasks such as leveling, plumbing, placing frames and windows, subflooring, thick and thin plastering, waterproofing, among others.
  • Medium official bricklayer: dedicated to thick masonry work, subfloors and thick plasters.
  • Assistant: trained to do general non-specialized tasks.

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