It will be 7% for those who do not process the cap

It will be 7% for those who do not process the cap
September 30, 2023 – 12:22

To access the benefits of the price freeze announced by Sergio Massa, a procedure must be carried out every month.

One of the increasesthat will take place in October will be prepaid. But the price increase in this case will apply only for those who have not completed the procedureor do not comply with the requirements necessary, to access the freezing of this type of services.

The invoice of October will have a increase of the 6.97%. While, in November, prepaid will have a increase of the 10.98%.

However, future billings will also have price freeze for those people who meet the property and income requirements, as announced Sergio Massa and as detailed Argentine Health Union in his text: “The companies of Prepaid Medicine agreed to maintain no increases The fees for ninety days for family groups with income not exceeding $2 million gross per month“.

Prepaid: how to complete the process before the AFIP to pay less

Users must upload your Affidavit of Income Certificationon the website of the Superintendency of Health Services. The deadline to submit the affidavit is until the 20th of each month. It is necessary present it every month so that the cap can be applied.

In the case of being the owner of a prepaid medicine plan and needing the Affidavit of Income Certification before the AFIPyou must follow the following steps:

  • Enter the official page of AFIP with tax key 3.
  • Adhere to My SSHealththe web service of the Superintendence of Health Services. It is necessary to enter with CUIT either CUIL and Fiscal key.
  • Restart the session.
  • Enter the service My SSHealth.
  • You will be redirected to the website of the SSSHEALTH.
  • Complete there sworn declaration of the income you had the previous month.

Limit on increases: requirements to carry out the procedure

  • Have a tax key with security level 3.
  • Be headline of a prepaid medicine plan.
  • to register lower net income To six Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wages (SMVM). Check the amount of the Minimum, Vital and Mobile Wage here.

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