KTM sued for millions of dollars for patent infringement

KTM sued for millions of dollars for patent infringement
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KTM is accused of using an injection system patented by Coober since 2007 in certain two-stroke engines to reduce harmful exhaust gases, the “Tiroler Tageszeitung” reported at the weekend. Accordingly, it’s a “higher, single-digit million amount.”

“It’s about more than 180,000 engines in which KTM uses our patented injection system,” said Coober owner Brani Stojakovic. A previously attempted out-of-court settlement had failed. KTM has been using the system since at least 2017, it said. KTM rejected the accusation of patent infringement. According to “TT”, the motorcycle giant justified this with a “positioning of the injectors that deviates from the patent.” According to the lawsuit, KTM itself tried to register a similar patent. However, this failed due to Coober’s existing product, it was said.

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