The Government approved 100% of imports for health companies in 2023

The Government approved 100% of imports for health companies in 2023

So far in 2023, the Government approved 100% of the permits importsSIRA – requested by companies in the manufacturing sector health. The amount authorized reaches a total of US$3,903 million.

According to official sources, to date “100% of the SIRAs requested by 712 companies were approved” of the sector, so currently “there are no import permits pending” approval.

Among the companies that received SIRA approval are not only the main firms in the sector, but also laboratories, manufacturers of active ingredients used in health, hospital supplies and equipment, and others.

Imports for US$3,903 million

To date, the amount approved in all of 2023 reaches a total of US$3,903 million and represents a 29% increase compared to the same period of the previous year.

At the same time, they highlighted that September “was the month with the most authorizations” since approved amounts of US$581.5 million were recorded only in medicines and related products. The figure represents a jump of 47.2% compared to the monthly average from January to August, which had been US$392 million.

Of the total number of companies that requested permits to import products at the official dollar, some 326 obtained approvals “for an amount 40% higher than the same period in 2022.”

Although the authorization of the SIRA is a task carried out by officials from AFIP, Customs and the Ministry of Commerce in a coordinated manner, as it is an essential item, critical situations are analyzed on a case-by-case basis between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economy. .

Approval of SIRAs

At the beginning of September, after having received the IMF’s approval for the renegotiation, the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, announced that all pending import permits from August would begin to be released “to guarantee the jobs of the industrial SMEs of Argentina”.

The decision would impact 7,428 companies and would involve the disbursement of some US$700 million. “August was the month in which the Central Bank accumulated the most foreign currency since 2006. It was almost US$2,000 million,” Massa justified in front of more than 500 businessmen.

Since the SIRA system was started and until August, 21,671 SMEs They received approvals for US$6,921.3 million.

Source: Ambito

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