In the southern zone, increases reached 15% in September

In the southern zone, increases reached 15% in September

A new report from Zonaprop indicated that GBA North is the area where the rentals They were above 11%, in line with inflation. But so far in 2023, the price has risen 122.9%.

The average rental price of a two-room apartment is 194,330 pesos per month. A three-room apartment reaches 245,940 pesos per month.

Rentals: which are the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods

The neighborhoods of olives and Nordelta are those with the most expensive offer in the north with a value of 314,460 and 260,926 pesos per month, respectively. The lower prices They are located in San Miguel (141,878 pesos per month), Pilar (149,988 pesos per month) and Muñiz (157,135 pesos per month).

In the west-south zone, Prices rose 15.1% in September and have accumulated an increase of 123.6% so far this year. On a year-on-year basis, this number is 165.8%. Renting a two-room, 50 m2 apartment costs 140,781 pesos per month, while a three-room, 70 m2 apartment is rented for 176,019 pesos per month.

He Avellaneda neighborhood It leads the price ranking with a value of 183,409 pesos per month. They are followed by Wilde (182,507 pesos per month) and Santos Lugares (181,394 pesos per month). On the contrarythe most economical apartments They are found in Merlo (96,058 pesos per month), Monte Grande (111,645 pesos per month) and Moreno with a value of 120,552 pesos per month.



Real estate: which are the most expensive and cheapest neighborhoods to buy

In GBA North A decrease of 0.4% was recorded in the month of September and the downward trend resumed, despite two consecutive months of increases. In 2023 it accumulates a decrease of 1.4%. For its part, a two-room apartment of 50 m2 in the North GBA has a value of $107,076 and a three-room apartment of 70 m2 is worth $160,105.

The neighborhoods with the highest prices from the northern zone are La Lucila (3,293 dollars/m2), Vicente Lopez (3,118 dollars/m2) and Olivos (2,835 dollars/m2). On the contrary, the most accessible neighborhoods are Villa Libertad (820 dollars/m2), José C. Paz Centro (913 dollars/m2) and José C. Paz Oeste (924 dollars/m2).

On the other hand, in GBA West and South Prices fell 0.3% in September and the value per square meter stands at $1,606. It registers the sharpest drop in prices compared to the northern zone and CABA with a cumulative 4.0% for the year. A two-room apartment of 50 m2 in this area has a value of $79,211, while a three-room apartment of 70 m2 reaches $117,991.

The most expensive neighborhoods They are Tristán Suárez ($3,020/m2), Don Bosco ($2,265/m2) and Ranelagh ($2,184/m2). The cheapest neighborhoods are Don Orione ($584/m2), Libertad ($625/m2) and Dock Sud ($737/m2).

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