After the defeat, Carlos Melconian made his economic plan available for the next president

After the defeat, Carlos Melconian made his economic plan available for the next president

A comprehensive transformation of the macroeconomy that also includes reforms in fiscal, tax, labor and co-participation: the package of measures that Carlos Melconian prepared to execute from December 10 if Patricia Bullrich won the elections 2023 can now pass into the hands of Javier Milei either Sergio Massa.

In a document published by the Mediterranean Foundationin which Melconian is a reference along with other professionals who financially advised Together for Changethey propose making “at the disposal of the next President of the Nation“an ambitious project, in which we bring together the best specialists in economy and state reformhas been a significant achievement in our contribution towards a more prosperous future for our country.”

In this sense, he highlights that the members of the foundation “have had the privilege of having the experience and dedication of outstanding professionals in the field of economy and the public administration. Significant objectives have been achieved in the design of reform proposals that aspire to contribute to sustainable growth and the well-being of our Nation“.

Subsequently, they list the 12 points that develops the economic program: “macroeconomyreform fiscalreform taxreform laborEnergy management, social plans, state reform (Modernization), economic integration to the world, sectoral and regional policies in goods and services, reforms to the Federalism and the Nation-Province relationship, pension reform and deregulation”.

To conclude, the text states that “our entity continues to work with the commitment and permanent dedication that has characterized us throughout 46 years. “We remain, as always, committed to our contribution to the future of Argentina, promoting policies and projects that benefit society as a whole.”

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Dollarization: the crossings between Melconian and Milei

The crossings between Carlos Melconian and Javier Milei were permanent during the presidential campaign, especially due to the debate around the dollarization.

In September, the presidential candidate echoed a clipping – taken out of context – from a television interview with the country’s main economic ally. Patricia Bullrichwhere he would have said “the dollarization must be ordered.” However, in the report, Melconian had considered that discussing the implementation of the us currency is “honestly we waste time because it also doesn’t solve the problems.”

It was in that framework that Javier Milei wrote in his account x against Carlos Melconian: “And one day you take the trouble to do the math properly and you realize that it is possible… Another who has been defeated… LONG LIVE FUCKING FREEDOM.”

The former director of National Bank -during the management of Mauricio Macri-, he began the video ironically: “Dear Javier, it’s a pleasure to talk to you. I see that you have come to the debate.” Then he said: “You’re confused, someone told you or saw the word ‘dollarization‘ on a note and you dove in.”

“I want to insist to you for the umpteenth time, it’s not because of the right or wrong accounts, or all those things you’re saying. You invite me to eat noodles with tuco, I go and you don’t have either noodles or tuco,” he exemplified and asked him to “don’t group to the people. You can’t dollarize. “That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time.”

Finally, the economist Together for Change stated that “the dollarization wave bimonetary It is a little piece of a program and a plan. What is a program and your plan?”


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