Interview with CDU politician Julia Klöckner

Interview with CDU politician Julia Klöckner

Julia Klöckner was often harshly criticized as Federal Minister of Agriculture. The CDU politician is now the economic policy spokesperson for the Union parliamentary group in the Bundestag. She tells “Die Boss” what worries her most about the crises in the world and how she stands up for women.

Julia Klöckner was often treated with hostility during her career and reduced to her appearance. Rhineland-Palatinate SPD state chairman Roger Lewentz once described it as a “shitstorm on pumps.” But Klöckner, who was still CDU state leader at the time, doesn’t let such sexist remarks get her down. “They don’t get my anger,” says Klöckner in the stern podcast “Die Boss”.

Things got worse when she became Federal Minister of Agriculture. “Sometimes my address was published with the note ‘We can do that with Walter Lübcke on your terrace’. That then led to other security measures at my house. As a minister, I was very much in the spotlight,” she says in an interview with “Die Boss” host Simone Menne.

But Klöckner has a tough skin and demonstrates quick wit as a politician. She prefers to use her energy on issues that are important to her – such as the women’s quota. After all, she is a quota woman herself. Last year, together with her party colleagues, she ensured that there was a women’s quota within the CDU. “We only really have true equality when there are mediocre women in top positions,” she says.

In this episode of “Die Boss” you will hear how Julia Klöckner also stands up for women, what worries her most in view of the current crises and what ChatGPT thinks about her.

At “The Boss – Power is Female” top women talk among themselves: host and multi-supervisory board member Simone Menne (including BMW, Deutsche Post DHL, Henkel) meets bosses from all areas of society to talk to them about their lives and careers. “Die Boss” appears every fortnight on Wednesdays and the staras well as on all common podcast platforms.

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