Alberto Benegas Lynch, Milei advisor, on privatizing the sea: It is an extraordinary idea

Alberto Benegas Lynch, Milei advisor, on privatizing the sea: It is an extraordinary idea
October 26, 2023 – 22:38

The liberal economist defended the proposal of his son, Bertie Benegas Lynch, to take care of the environment. Furthermore, he insisted on his proposal to suspend relations with the Vatican.

The Economist Alberto Benegas Lynch (h), advisor to the presidential candidate, Javier Milei, rekindled the controversy by pointing out that the proposal of privatize the ocean made by his son, Bertie Benegas Lynch, is “an extraordinary idea”. Furthermore, he once again referred to the suspension of relations with the Vatican.

A week after having participated in the closing ceremony of the campaign at the Movistar Arena with a controversial speech, the leader of Argentine liberalism supported the hilarious statement of the elected representative, who referred to climate change and the extinction of species and proposed a solution particular: “Privatize whales and the sea.”

Alberto Benegas Lynch.jpg

Alberto "Bertie" Benegas Lynch.

Alberto “Bertie” Benegas Lynch.

Privatize the sea

In dialogue with Filo News, the legislator of Freedom Advances He did not stop there, but went further by pointing out that “there are works on the privatization of the sea“. And he asked himself: “Why are whales about to become extinct, or elephants and so on? The difference is the wiring.”

This Thursday, the advisor of Milei He spoke in an interview with the Border Journalism site where he highlighted that “The privatization of the ocean seems like an extraordinary idea on Bertie’s part.”

The liberal economist wondered about the difference between the privatization of land and sea. “Because there private property on land, but not possible in the sea? The richest wealth on the planet is becoming extinct, because it is in the sea. This is not up for debate because we did not understand that prices have to be free, that the money of working people should not be withheld,” he continued.

Suspend relations with the Vatican

During the closing ceremony of the campaign, Benegas Lynch (h) generated controversy among himself and others by proposing to “imitate Roca” and “suspend relations with the Vatican”. When asked if he held that position after internal criticism, he responded affirmatively and said: “It is a personal thing that does not compromise Javier Milei’s position.”

Regarding the divergences within La Libertad Avanza, where there is no unified criterion on issues on the daily agenda, he considered that there is “an agreement of the entire team” on the economic plan, but stressed that “we liberals are not a herd and we detest single thinking” so there is “dissidents among us”.

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