Limak Intensive: Concentrated knowledge for managers

Limak Intensive: Concentrated knowledge for managers
Managers expand their knowledge of current topics. (Limak)

From artificial intelligence to innovation and generation management as well as the perception of the company from the employee’s perspective to the circular economy: in order to be able to cope with tasks in a constantly changing environment, managers need a lot of knowledge. “With the dynamic transformation of the economy, the demands on managers are increasing, but time resources are limited,” says Gerhard Leitner, Managing Director of the Limak Austrian Business School. Therefore, Limak, based in Linz, is launching a compact intensive course with the “Executive Essentials”. These last between one and five days and enable managers to expand their knowledge and bring themselves up to date on topics. They complement the existing university courses and executive MBAs.

The focus is on 18 subject areas, the courses take place in Linz and Vienna. It starts in spring 2024: registrations are possible now. Information at limak.at/executive-essentials

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