oil workers call for a strike in Vaca Muerta

oil workers call for a strike in Vaca Muerta

The oil workers of the basin Dead cow grouped in the Private Oil and Gas Union of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa called for a unemployment for this one Wednesday for him shortage of fuels and they targeted companies in the sector. In addition, they expressed their support for the measures announced by Sergio Massa.

Through a statement, the union denounced that operators, refiners and exporters “They are failing to comply with Law 17,319, which advocates self-sufficiency. and allows the balances to be exported with significant benefits” and described it as “nonsense” that “there is constant talk of production records and at the same time there is no gasoline.”

The members of the oil and gas sector stated that every day they put in “their body to break those records” but “the benefits are always for the same”who “now they speculate and they show their worst face, that of the avarice”.

They also stressed that “electoral issues and business speculation they cannot take an entire country hostage” and emphasized that “in the Argentina of the future “There is no room for opportunists and petty people.”

For this reason, they expressed their “total support” for the measures ordered by the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate, Sergio Massa, in search of “normalizing the fuel sales sector” throughout the national territory “and the announcement of an increase in the cut of biofuels in gasoline and diesel”.

And they stated that, in addition to support “unconditionally” the closure of exports announced by Massa by midnight on Tuesday, “if the companies continue to punish Argentines, our union organization will initiate a Total stoppage of activities with production affected starting Wednesday“.

Therefore, if the situation does not change, next Wednesday from 6 in the morning they will begin a total stoppage of activities in the Neuquén basin. “We are 25 thousand workers standing in defense of an entire country!” they closed.

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New record in Vaca Muerta

While the shortage at service stations throughout the country, Dead cow continues to break historical production records. In September, the latest data available, it reached 305,000 barrels per daythe highest oil production in the formation.

In addition, that month also marked a new milestone for Argentina’s oil production as a whole, with 645.5 thousand barrels, the highest figure since 2008. From the Ministry of Energy, which heads Flavia Royónassured that the reason was the advancement of transportation infrastructure, and highlighted the role of YPF.

Preliminary data for September confirm the increase in unconventional oil production in Vaca Muerta, with its epicenter in the province of Neuquén.

Based on the increase in activity, the month of September ended with a production of 305,000 barrels per day, a figure 2.7% higher than the previous month (August), which also consolidates a year-on-year increase of 18.1% in relation to September of the previous year.

Source: Ambito

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