If they do not normalize, one more export ship will not leave

If they do not normalize, one more export ship will not leave

The economy minister and presidential candidate of UP, Sergio Massaonce again attacked the oil companies for the lack of fuel at service stations. “If they don’t normalize, not one more export ship will leave,” He reiterated this afternoon in journalistic statements.

“15 days ago a rumor started that there was going to be a devaluation, so there was a retention of stock, after the agreement expired, and there was also stock retention. That’s why I was very harsh yesterday: if they don’t normalize, there won’t be one more export ship,” she explained in an interview with a news channel.

In addition, he maintained that “there are sectors with very high profitability that abused and rose more than inflation” and completed: “The sheet metal industry, the steel industry, clearly went above their international prices, their costs and accumulated profitability.”

“I want companies that make a lot of money but with workers with good wages”, He launched.

Massa criticized LLA and JxC

The Minister of Economy attributed the opposition’s criticism to his figure who “some carry failures on their backs” and “uncertainties in propositional terms”, so they “prefer to go to the garbage dump” of politics, and also criticized that La Libertad Avanza (LLA) and Together for Change (JxC) “they accumulated two sectors” and “distributed charges.”

When granting an interview to the La Nación+ channel, Massa said that “it is clear what the mechanism or meaning is that my Government is going to have from December 10,” in reference to the fact that “it is not going to be a Government of its political strength.” but of national unity”.

The minister and candidate thus reaffirmed that “he will summon the best, including people who are currently facing me electorally”.

Asked about the opposition’s criticism, he said that from some sectors “They carry failures on their backs or uncertainties in post-positive terms and then they prefer to go to the garbage dump”.

Regarding the agreement of his rival in the runoff, Javier MileiLLA, with the JxC sector referenced in former president Mauricio Macri, the official candidate criticized that “they accumulated two opposition sectors and distributed positions.”

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