toll, subway, VTV and metered parking increase

toll, subway, VTV and metered parking increase

The Buenos Aires Government made official the call to public hearings to authorize the rates that will come into force between the end of this year and the first months of 2024 for subway passage, highway tolls, vehicle technical verification (VTV) and metered parking.

The hearings will be held between December 4 and 5 through the virtual platform Zoomfor the update of rates based on adjustments necessary for the operation of the services, based on the call published today in the Official bulletin.

In a statement, from the Buenos Aires government They pointed out that the increase in service rates responds to the intention of “ensuring their operation, their maintenance, and in some cases, also, to sustain the workers salary“.

“Even so, in all cases we sought to update the rates and balance the variables, trying to cause the least possible impact on users,” they clarified.


In the case of subwaythe increase will be 56% in two stages: in the first – which will be applied between the end of December and the beginning of January – it will go from costing $80 to $110 and in the second, which will begin to govern in the first quarter of 2024, will climb to $125.

“The new rates are necessary mainly due to the variation in the technical rate, which reflects the cost of operating the service and consists of the quotient between said costs and the number of paid passengers, in order to continue guaranteeing the proper functioning of the subway. , keeping the public transportation system sustainable,” indicated the Buenos Aires management.


The updating of tolls, Meanwhile, it will be 49% to be implemented at the end of December 2023 or beginning of 2024 and the value will change, for example, for two-axle light vehicles on the Perito Moreno and 25 de Mayo highways, from $431 to $642 and motorcycles from $179 at $267 during non-peak hours; while during peak hours it will be $611 to $910 and $287 and $428, respectively.

As explained, “the adjustments are fundamentally necessary to carry out the maintenance works on highways that contribute to improving road safety for all those who travel there.



For the VTVwhose completion is mandatory in the City of Buenos Aires, the proposed increase is 104% and it will also be implemented in two sections that will be executed, in the first instance, between the end of this year and the beginning of next year, and then in the first quarter of 2024.

For car owners, the procedure will go from a cost of $9,296 to $12,567.49 from the end of 2023 and to $19,102.58 in the first quarter of 2024; while for motorcycles the value will go from the current amount of $3,495 to $5,057.40 in the first stage and $5,700.49 in the second section.

Metered Parking

Finally, the Buenos Aires Government indicated that the parking lot update measured “is necessary to promote the rotation of vehicles in one of the most dynamic areas and with the greatest concentration of activities in the City: neighborhoods of San Telmo, Monserrat, Balvanera, San Nicolás, Retiro and Recoleta.”

Therefore, it promotes an increase in 118%so the hourly rate for parking will go from $81 to $176.

This latest update would be implemented at end of December 2023 or at most in the first days of January 2024.

Source: Ambito

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