oil companies assure that supply is on the way to normalization

oil companies assure that supply is on the way to normalization

In a joint statement signed by YPF, Raizen (Shell), Trafigura and Axion Energy (PAE), pointed out that The measures implemented in recent days “began to give results” and “The supply situation throughout the country was quickly recovered.”

At the same time, they assured that the sector increased the pace of dispatch from the refineries and implemented “a special logistics scheme with more than 4,000 tanker trucks that allowed the usual supply of fuel to increase by between 10 and 15%.” From which service stations throughout the country “confirm that the volumes of fuel they are receiving have increased.”

Added to this context is that the fuel provided by 5 ships has already been added “and the arrival of two more ships is expected to allow us to rebuild fuel stocks.” “As an industry we will continue to be committed to fully normalizing the situation,” they stated.


announcement. The new diesel was presented at Expoagro 2022.

YPF measures

From YPF, a majority state company, they informed this medium that, to contribute to the normalization of supply, in recent days the volume shipped increased to its national flag network in a 30.6%, in relation to the average of the week between October 23 and 29.

In addition, they highlighted that thanks to the efforts of the employees, a fleet of 1,881 trucks was put into service, which represented 11.6% more than the usual supply fleet.

In parallel, the company broke the daily dispatch record of 51,994 m3 of Gas Oil and gasoline in its various grades.

Gasoline YPF Truck.jpg


The warning from Massa and the oil union

It is worth remembering that in recent days, Minister Sergio Massa warned companies that if they did not manage to normalize the situation they would be prevented from exporting fuel abroad. “If by Tuesday at 12 the catering, They will not be able to take out an export ship on Wednesday,” he said.

The workers of the Private Oil and Gas Union of Río Negro, Neuquén and La Pampa, who They summoned a unemployment for this one Wednesday for him shortage of fuels in case the situation does not normalize.

Vaca Muerta, in record

The shortage scenario occurred in parallel with a new production record in Dead cow. In September, the latest data available, it reached 305,000 barrels per daythe highest oil production in the formation.

In addition, that month also marked a new milestone for Argentina’s oil production as a whole, with 645.5 thousand barrels, the highest figure since 2008. From the Ministry of Energy, which heads Flavia Royónassured that the reason was the advancement of transportation infrastructure, and highlighted the role of YPF.

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