the chats from the largest cave in the country that reveal how the black cable works to escape dollars

the chats from the largest cave in the country that reveal how the black cable works to escape dollars

The operations in the City of Buenos Aires open new fronts in the causes that investigate the operation of the blue dollar. The documentation that is part of the case whose main accused is Ivo Rojnica, alias “The Croatian”reveals that beyond the illegal sale of currency there is a larger criminal network that could include: creation of companies to flee abroad money not declared to the AFIPover-invoicing of imports and alleged money laundering. Ámbito was able to exclusively access the chats that show details of the maneuver known in jargon as “black cable.”

The term in question refers to the operation of transferring undeclared dollars from Argentina to an account abroad electronically. This maneuver is an intermediation between those who want to withdraw funds and those who seek to repatriate them. Investigation sources detailed to this medium that Part of these foreign currencies would have been obtained through maneuvers of over-invoicing of imports.

On this point, they are targeting a group of tourism agencies that “inflated” the price of tourist packages to access a greater amount of foreign currency at the official rate. They also suspect that operations of import of goods that did not include merchandiseand finally they investigate the export underinvoicing. All maneuvers to take advantage of the exchange gap that currently exceeds 150%.

The chats

This medium was able to exclusively access internal conversations in what many in the City consider “the largest cave in the country.” In these chats details emerge that reveal a daily operations where requests to escape undeclared currencies are processed almost as if it were a commercial establishment for any activity in which a telephone operator collects and organizes the orders of the day.

At the other end, we review how many dollars are available abroad and where they are. There arise the names of a group of companies located abroad which, always according to the researchers, were used purely and exclusively to mediate the currencies that were taken out of the country. Five firms were based in the United States and another three in Hong Kong. It also operated towards accounts in the Virgin Islands.

In the WhatsApp group that was part of Ivo Rojnica alias “El Croata” a line appears that has a Miami area code. The investigation sources consulted by this media explained that the owner of that phone was never in the United States: “What is sought is to prevent any communication from being intercepted,” they said.

At first glance the amounts of the transfers seem smaller, but strictly speaking it is a strategy to avoid controls. Operators chose amounts always less than $100,000 to “go under the radar”. However, the Government estimates that in the last three years this cave fled the country at least US$500 million.

Chats El Croata.jpeg

More operations in the City

Since the joint operations in the City of Buenos Aires intensified, The blue dollar fell almost $200. The price went from $1,100 to $925, which it marked yesterday. The Government attributes the strong rise that the parallel currency had suffered in the run-up to the electoral process to “speculative movements.” They even believe that the gap that persists today with the MEP and the Cash With Settlement should be reduced: “It was always 4% below,” they say.

There are just over ten rounds left to reach the runoff and all the chips are placed on ensuring that the exchange rate peace of these days is not altered. The export incentive scheme has recently allowed the Central Bank to resume its purchasing position and increase supply in the financial markets. As for blue, They anticipate days full of operations to avoid a new shooting. “This time they are not going to chase us away,” they say.

Source: Ambito

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