Government inflation reached 2.2% in the fourth week of October

Government inflation reached 2.2% in the fourth week of October
November 3, 2023 – 09:33

The report reported that there were items that reached increases of up to 4.2%. What were the prices and how did they evolve?

The Secretariat of Economic Policy released this Friday, November 3, a new inflation rate weekly that threw a 2.2% increase between October 23 and 29. In this way, the data repeats for the third consecutive week.

In the weekly survey carried out by the secretariat directed by Gabriel Rubinstein They highlighted that after the August peaks which reached figures that were around 15% in the accumulated of 4 weeks, the records were going down. In that sense, it was indicated that in the registry of the 4 weeks accumulated As of October 29, it was 9.3%.

In the official report they also explained that this weekly increase occurred in a context of updates to some regulated items such as tobacco and the fuelsand from recent increases in meat products.

Regarding the projection for the next measurement, they stated that “next week is expected to show similar figures Due to the updated regulated prices the first days of November”.

Weekly inflation: What were the items that rose the most?

In the weekly survey, they stand out increases greater than average. These cases include the items dress (+4.2%), meats (+3.5%), fruit (+3.2%) and regulated (+2.8%).

On the other hand, among the items that increased their prices by below average is counted warehouse food and drinks (+1.3%) and that of vegetables (+1.5%).

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