Occupation: 2022: Around 155,000 training contracts ended early

Occupation: 2022: Around 155,000 training contracts ended early

155,325 training contracts were recently terminated early – more than in the previous year. Are trainees dropping out of their training more and more often? This conclusion is too short-sighted.

A good 155,000 training contracts in Germany were terminated prematurely last year. The so-called solution rate rose to 29.5 percent, according to calculations by the Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB), which were available to the German Press Agency. It is a high point. In the previous year it was almost 27 percent. The rate reflects the proportion of training contracts that were terminated early out of all training contracts that were started.

The institute pointed out that this was not just a matter of people dropping out of training. Many trainees simply changed companies and professions, and at least half concluded another training contract.

In 2022, 155,325 training contracts were terminated early after 141,207 in the previous year – a good third of them in the probationary period, another third after the probationary period, but still in the first year of training and another almost 23 percent in the second year after the start of the contract. Later contractual solutions are rather rare.

Possible reasons

According to the BIBB, the reason for the high rate could be the positive situation on the training market from the perspective of young people. If problems arise in the training relationship, trainees would be more likely to change if they could relatively easily find another training place due to the favorable market situation.

In addition, due to the lack of young talent, companies may be more willing to hire trainees who they consider to be less suitable. “As a result, this could lead to more problems during the training process and early termination of the training relationship.”

According to the Federal Statistical Office, 1.2 million people across Germany were in vocational training at the end of 2022. Almost 470,000 new training contracts were concluded last year.

Source: Stern

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