Driving license: This is how expensive a driving license will be in 2023

Driving license: This is how expensive a driving license will be in 2023

An ADAC survey of new drivers shows how expensive a driving license actually will be in Germany in 2023. What costs learner drivers should expect.

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Up to 4,500 euros for a driving license

According to a current ADAC survey, the costs of acquiring a driving license for those who acquired their driving license six months or less ago are distributed in the following price ranges:

  • Only 21 percent paid less than 2,500 euros for their driving license.
  • The majority of novice drivers have between Paid 2,500 to 3,500 euros.
  • A good fifth (22 percent) even cost between 3,500 and 4,500 euros.

According to ADAC, the increased costs can be explained, among other things, by higher fuel, personnel and vehicle acquisition costs.

A closer look at the time when a driver’s license was acquired clearly shows that the driver’s license has become more expensive in the last three to four years: Almost half of the novice drivers who got their driver’s license three to four years ago said that the price remained below 2,500 euros (34 percent needed between 2,500 and 3,000 euros).

This is how long it takes for student drivers to get their driving licence

The ADAC also asked about the time it took the candidates to obtain a driving license.

The majority (almost 60 percent) needed more than six months to successfully complete the process.

In addition to the prescribed twelve special trips, 42 percent needed up to 20 additional hours of driving, a good third (32%) needed up to 30 hours and 11 percent needed up to 40 hours.

According to the ADAC, the fact that it takes longer to acquire a driving license today than it did a few years ago is probably due to the increasingly complex traffic situation and the shortage of driver instructors.

Overall, the vast majority were satisfied with their time at the driving school and the test; 77 percent rated the driving school as “good” or even “very good”.

One in four novice drivers drives faster under pressure

Young driving license holders face major challenges in everyday road traffic. The ADAC also asked novice drivers about consideration and stress factors in road traffic.

This shows that over half regularly have the feeling that they are an obstacle to other road users in difficult situations. If they follow the rules and travel at the permitted speed in the car, almost two thirds are more likely to have the impression that other road users are not going fast enough.

According to ADAC, what is alarming is that 25 percent of those surveyed said they drive faster when they feel under pressure. The ADAC advises novice drivers to remain calm and to take enough time, especially in difficult traffic situations.

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