Anses opens its 300 offices today until 2 p.m. to process access to credits

Anses opens its 300 offices today until 2 p.m. to process access to credits

More than 300 offices of the National Social Security Administration (Anses) will remain open today on an extraordinary basis to validate the application procedures for the credit line of the pension agency.

The offices will be open between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. to validate the credit application codes for workers in a dependency relationship and to attend credit shifts for retirees and pensioners, Anses reported in a statement.

People interested in accessing this line of loans must enter the organization’s website (www.anses.gob.ar) or the mi Anses application and request the credit with CUIL and social security code, choosing the option “Worker credits in a dependency relationship”.

In the application you can choose the amount and number of installments to request, after which you will receive an SMS or a notification on your cell phone (if you have the Mi Anses application) where you will receive a code.

With this code, applicants must go to one of the Anses offices within a period of 10 days to validate it, without having to make an appointment.

Once the loan application is accepted, it will be deposited within the next seven business days in the bank credit card linked to the account where they receive their salary.

In the case of retirees and pensioners, they must make an in-person appointment to request them.

The new line of credits, announced last week by the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria (UxP), Sergio Massa, and the executive director of the pension organization, Fernanda Raverta, provides for a maximum amount of up to $600,000 for retirees and pensioners and up to $1 million for dependent workers.

Anses estimated that the new line could reach more than 5.4 million people who would meet the requirements.

Source: Ambito

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