Agriculture: Agritechnica provides an outlook on tomorrow’s agriculture

Agriculture: Agritechnica provides an outlook on tomorrow’s agriculture

Farmers, scientists and business people from all over the world meet at Agritechnica. Can greater digitalization make agriculture of the future more efficient and environmentally friendly?

For the first time since 2019, the leading agricultural technology trade fair Agritechnica is opening its doors again in Hanover. As the organizer, the German Agricultural Society is expecting around 400,000 visitors from all over the world by November 18th. This year’s trade fair has the motto “Green Productivity” and aims to be a specialist forum for future issues in agriculture. Due to the corona pandemic, both the regular exhibition planned for 2021 and an alternative date in 2022 were canceled.

An important future topic for agriculture is digitalization. Under the keywords smart farming and precision farming, intelligent, networked machines and sensor-controlled systems are intended to ensure greater efficiency and productivity. Experts see the increased use of these techniques as an opportunity to work on areas more specifically and thus be more economical when using energy or fertilizers. Smart farming refers to the automation of work in the field, while precision farming refers to targeted, precise management.

Also a meeting place for start-ups

Not only the latest developments in the field of agricultural technology can be seen on the exhibition grounds, for example tractors, combine harvesters or sowing machines. The organizers also want to be a meeting place for the founders scene and start-ups from the food industry. For example, the question is whether and how insects can make a greater contribution to nutrition in the future, what role meat or fish products from the laboratory will soon play, or whether high-rise greenhouses – keyword: vertical farming – can also enable agriculture in urban areas .

The trade fair also appeals to young talent. On November 16th, young farmers will be the focus of Young Farmers’ Day. Some events are also aimed at young craftsmen in the agricultural technology sector as well as students who want to find out about careers in the industry.

According to the organizers, Agritechnica is the leading trade fair of its kind. Participants come from 53 countries. More than 1,700 exhibitors come from abroad, around 900 from Germany. The largest exhibitor countries after Germany are Italy (361 exhibitors), China (192), Turkey (172) and the Netherlands (141).

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