Is it time to buy tickets and packages before the runoff?

Is it time to buy tickets and packages before the runoff?
November 14, 2023 – 16:04

Although we are 5 days away from the presidential elections, summer vacations are just around the corner and more than one will wonder: should I rush to buy tickets or wait?

Trips abroad: is it time to buy tickets and packages before the runoff?

The debate for the runoff captured the attention of the population, however the holidays are approaching. It should be remembered that the Government decided to unify the contributions of the solidarity dollar, card and tourist. It did so by increasing from 5% to 25% one of the perceptions that apply to the official change.

With the Government’s exchange rate unification, the quote to pay for international tourism consumption is currently at $735.86 while the blue is at $925. So Those who have dollars and sell them on the illegal market and then buy with a debit card, for example, obtain a 20% improvement.

If there is a devaluation, obviously, it will make travel more expensive, but everything is very confusing and the stage that opens from next Monday until December 10 is very unstable,” explained the owner of a travel agency in the Federal Capital.

They also confirm that there are places for almost all the international destinations that Argentines demand. “Many customers give up making the purchase when they are told that payment has to be in US dollars. “They were used to paying in pesos and this is an important change,” said another operator.

The truth is that we will have to wait and see what happens with Sunday’s elections, but the most likely thing is that the Government returns to a system of crawling peg which involves daily microdevaluations and would end the fixed exchange rate that was validated at $350 after the PASO. This would cause a rise in the card dollar.

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