1000 euro bonus: Fraport employees can recruit friends

1000 euro bonus: Fraport employees can recruit friends

In the tight Rhine-Main labor market, the airport is also having a hard time finding enough people. The new human resources manager has reformed training – and is providing targeted incentives.

When recruiting new workers, the Frankfurt airport operator Fraport relies on people who know its own employees. Recruitment bonuses are offered for this. The new human resources director Julia Kranenberg reported in Frankfurt that it was possible to recruit 50 new workers in this way within a few weeks. That alone is not enough, but it is one of the most successful instruments at the moment.

For their information, the employees receive a bonus of 500 euros when the contract is signed and a further 500 euros if the recruited person survives the probationary period. After the end of the corona pandemic, Frankfurt Airport is increasingly looking for workers and, according to Kranenberg, hires around 3,000 people with a wide range of qualifications every year. “There are an awful lot of people missing,” she said. The fluctuation has also increased.

Former RWE manager Kranenberg joined Fraport last year and launched a human resources program called “HRneo,” which is also intended to establish a new management style. In addition to the quantity of recruitment, the quality of further training also needs to be improved. Fraport has launched a program to turn a simple loader into a loader within a year, twice as quickly as before. This includes a number of qualification steps including driving license and official approvals.

As an additional incentive, the approximately 18,300 employees receive a Germany Ticket free of charge. However, according to Kranenberg, the MDax group is currently not thinking about a possible four-day week as an incentive or its own housing programs.

Source: Stern

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