The VIG insurance group. At home in Central and Eastern Europe

The VIG insurance group.  At home in Central and Eastern Europe

What stands for reliability and long-termism more than decades of successful company history? The group’s roots even go back to 1824. In 1989, VIG was one of the first European insurance groups to start expanding into the markets of the CEE region after the opening of the East. Step by step, the group has established itself in new markets and has become number one in Central and Eastern Europe.

Private individuals and institutional investors have been able to participate in the group’s success since 1994. Since then, the shares have been traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Every year, VIG shareholders have received dividends without interruption.

The Vienna Insurance Group sees Central and Eastern Europe as its home market and pursues a long-term strategy aimed at profitable growth. VIG’s management principles, which include multi-brand policy as well as local entrepreneurship, clearly differentiate it from other international insurers. VIG’s decentralized structures give local management and around 29,000 employees the necessary flexibility in operational business. After all, they know the needs of the local people and the special features of the market best.

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