Payment plans can now be created from an app

Payment plans can now be created from an app

The Buenos Aires Collection Agency (ARBA) launched an app to regularize debtssettle fees and consolidate new facility plans of the Real Estate taxes, Automotiveto Sports Boats and Gross Income.

One by one, all the taxes that can be paid with the ARBA app

The web application allows you to catch up with debts of the following taxes:

  • The Real Estate taxes (on all its plants).
  • Automotive tax.
  • Sports Boats.
  • Gross income.



The executive director of ARBA, Cristian Girard, explained that the app seeks to “simplify and encourage voluntary compliance of tax obligationswhich in turn contributes to strengthening public finances and promoting the economic development of the province.”

How the ARBA app works

It is now available on the official ARBA website.

Taxpayers enter it following the step by step:

  • Enter the option “Manage Payment Plans”, with the CUIT and the CIT Key.
  • Once inside, the screen shows all the payment plans associated with the CUIT, with detailed information about the regularized debt and its status.

Among the functions you can:

  • Settle early or expired installments.
  • Consolidate new payment plans for tax-related debts.
  • Print the “debt status” to be able to keep track of the tax situation and control tax obligations.


How do I know what debts I have in ARBA?

The taxpayers can access the function “Manage Payment Plans” on the website of ARBA, www.arba.gob.aror from the applicationthrough its CUIT and CIT Key. In this section, you will be able to view on a single screen all the payment facility plans related to tax objects, identifying whether they are expired or current, as well as the debt that have been regularized in each of them.

In addition to viewing the Payment plansthe application also allows the settlement of fees both anticipated and expired. Likewise, it offers the possibility of consolidating new payment plans for the debts regular regulations related to tax objects.

Another feature available in application is the possibility of print he “debt status” of the taxpayerswhich allows you to obtain consistency and have greater personal control over the tax situation of each individual.

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