how much could they earn this month in the Province

how much could they earn this month in the Province
November 15, 2023 – 15:28

In the third meeting, the Buenos Aires teaching unions front received a new proposal from the provincial government.

He Government of the Province of Buenos Aires offered a 22% increase in November to the representatives of the Buenos Aires Teaching Unit Front (FUDB). It took place this Tuesday in the third meeting of joint negotiation.

The percentage proposed by the administration of Axel Kicillof represented a 7% advancein relation to the 15% offered last week. The increase would be calculated based on February 2023. In this way, counting from the second month of the yearthe parity would reach a 130% increase for grade teachers.

Given the end of the meeting and the improvement offered, the unions stated that they would consult the decision with their members. They also recalled that the proposal includes the continuity of the salary review and update clause.

Teacher parity: How would salaries be with the proposed increase?

  • The grade teachers they would charge a pocket salary of $265 thousand.
  • Meanwhile, a grade teacher with fifth hour would receive a salary of $328,060.
  • In the case of accepting said proposal, those teachers with 20 modules they would charge $384,741.
  • While the salary of preceptors would be located in the $232,415.
  • Source: Ambito

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