uncertainty in concessionaires due to 0km prices after elections

uncertainty in concessionaires due to 0km prices after elections

He automotive market arrives at the elections in a climate of uncertainty due to the economic changes that could begin to be seen from next week, depending on the result of the elections.

The most worrying issue is what can happen with the dollar price starting Tuesday, when the markets open, after the holiday on Monday and the impact it will have on prices.

With this scenario, the concessionaires of 0km They continue to operate waiting for Sunday, although each brand uses different strategies.

The most eloquent fact is that, since last week, a slowdown in the level of consultations has been perceived, which, according to sources in the sector, would mark a drop of around 40% in the influx of the public in the salons, compared to October. This does not imply a drop in patents for the month, which is projected between 35,000 units – according to the most pessimistic forecasts – and 40,000 units.

In any case, part of the explanation has to do with seasonality. The November market is usually approximately 70% of October sales volume, while December is 75% of November operations.

This is because many consumers put off purchasing a 0km so that it can be patented as the following year’s model.

Beyond this, the dealerships of almost all brands recognize that there is a cooling in demand.

The thing is that although sellers are dealing with an uncertain outlook, regarding what may happen next week, buyers are also dealing with the same caution.

The concrete thing is that the sector continues to operate normally and there is no suspension of sales. Everything in stock is being marketed.

“There is everything. Clients come who want to close the transaction today and pay and others who prefer to wait for the results of the elections to decide what to do,” explained to Ambit a “broker” with extensive experience.

It must be taken into account that the automotive market is directly linked to the evolution of the dollar, both due to the finished models that are imported or due to the content of foreign parts that the vehicles have. 0km that are manufactured in the country.

In a survey by different agencies, different commercial strategies are found.

From various dealerships of the brands of Stellantis (Fiat, Peugeot, Jeep and DS), for example, they explained that the terminal decided to lower the patenting objectives for November and December, especially for Fiat and Peugeot.

The idea is that these operations happen in January to have a very good start to the year.

“They told us to sell, but to patent everything in January. “This is how 2024 begins with a good number of patents,” they explained to Ambit from an agency Fiat.

In this case, the model Chronos It is the best-selling product on the market and its first place is guaranteed for 2023, so it would not affect the patenting process for next year.

From a dealership renaultthey acknowledged that there has been a slowdown in demand in recent days, but that they continue to sell.

“The strategy is that everything we were selling has to be paid for by Friday. The idea is not to be left with anything open due to any changes that may occur next week and be exposed to a jump in the dollar. What is paid, comes out and what is not, is canceled and we wait until Tuesday,” they explained.

In another agency of the brand they indicated that until Friday they froze prices in pesos, but to pay on Tuesday it had to be done in dollars or pesos at the “blue” exchange rate of the moment: “Today we take it for $960”they added.

Meanwhile, from a dealership toyota They presented a different situation: “There are more people waiting until next week to pay what they are assigned than to buy now. Likewise, customers already know that our brand does not have immediate availability.”

The policy of this automaker is not to freeze the price but to take the value of the unit at the time of delivery, based on the list price. Models like the pickup Hilux or the Corolla Cross It takes several months for delivery.

On the side of nissanfrom an agency in the Federal Capital, recognized the instability in demand in recent days, but with a balance of tranquility.

“There are days with more movement and others when it falls a little. It had to do with the decline in the dollar until last week, but in short there is no pressure to buy this week. “There is a lot of confusion among people.”they explained.

The rest of the brands operate as usual.

Another fact to take into account, which aggravates the lack of units, is that starting in December the tax base of the “luxury” tax, which will rise more than 40%.

This will give room to increase the prices of all the models that are currently “capped” and that, in practice, are not being sold, except at surcharges.

But in the face of so much uncertainty, sellers and manufacturers prefer to take care of their stocks, given the possibility of a devaluation in the coming days.

Source: Ambito

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