“On Sunday a Nation project is defined”

“On Sunday a Nation project is defined”
November 17, 2023 – 00:00

He questioned Milei’s proposals, reiterated the call for a “grand agreement” and proposed fiscal balance and trade surplus as pillars.

Sergio Massa

The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massa, held a meeting yesterday with businessmen from the Inter-American Council of Commerce and Production (CICyP). Before the red circle, Massa emphasized that on Sunday “a Nation project will be defined” and reiterated the call for a unity government. He confirmed that in his eventual administration the Anti-Corruption Office will be in the hands of the opposition, said that he will send a draft Ethics and Transparency Law to Congress and maintained that the guiding principle of the economy will be fiscal balance and trade surplus.

The minister spoke at the Alvear Palace Hotel, at a lunch that started at 12:30. In the same area, his opponent in the runoff, Javier Milei, had spoken on Wednesday. He stated that, if it is his turn to govern, “on December 10, a new stage begins” in the country. “The first big change that Argentina must make as of December 10 is a great national agreement, with the definition of 10 State policies that give us the possibility of traveling, without turning back, development paths for Argentina,” stood out.

On the economic level, he said that “learning from our mistakes, having experienced several crises, forces us to establish as the guiding principle of the economy fiscal balance, trade surplus, exchange competitiveness as an instrument to promote our exports and a development program with inclusion of Argentines.”

He also emphasized transparency: “No official will be able to take office in my government if he does not sign that commitment that also establishes the design of a new Law of Public Ethics and Transparency, which establishes the responsibility for a paradigm shift in the operation of public administration when contracting using all the technology that we have available today and that allows us to definitively modify discretion and lack of transparency.”

Along these lines, he announced that from June 30 “there will be no more paper tenders or with opening of envelopes, the tenders will all be by electronic auction, with a blind mechanism and a certain payment date.” And he reiterated his initiative to offer ownership of the Anti-Corruption Office to the opposition.

He took advantage of the invitation to discuss Milei’s main flags. Regarding dollarization and the closure of the Central Bank he said: “Not having currency, not having a credit policy, not having monetary authority is condemning the Argentine industry to failure and, in a process of economic opening, to definitive closure.” In addition, he highlighted the risks of breaking relations with Brazil and China, as the libertarian proposes. Instead, he called for creating an export model and increasing the local added value of sales abroad.

And he concluded with a call to end the rift: “I want to be a president who inaugurates a new era in which dialogue is the brand and we put an end to that idea of ​​the friend-enemy.”

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