Consumers: French fries are trending – record sales for potato products

Consumers: French fries are trending – record sales for potato products

In the past, more fresh potatoes were eaten. Since 1990/91, per capita consumption has fallen by almost 30 kilograms. Conversely, more fries and other potato products are being consumed than ever before.

The appetite for fries, potato salad and chips rose to a new record in the 2022/23 financial year. In the period ending at the end of June, citizens ate an average of 37.9 kilograms of potato products per capita, as the Federal Institute for Food and Agriculture announced on Friday in Bonn.

This is the highest value since recording began in the 1990/91 financial year. At that time, per capita consumption was 29.1 kilograms. The previous high was reached in 2017/18, when the population in Germany ate an average of 36.8 kilograms of potato products. French fries, potato salad and chips are by far the largest categories of potato products.

The federal authority cites greater demand after the corona pandemic as one reason for the increased sales. A spokeswoman said people are increasingly eating out again. “It can also play a role that potato products, especially frozen products, are usually prepared more quickly compared to fresh potatoes.”

At the same time, around four kilograms fewer fresh potatoes were eaten in 2022/23 than in the previous year. Per capita consumption was 16.2 kilograms, lower than ever since records began in 1990/91. The total consumption of potatoes and potato products was 54.1 kilograms per capita, also a new low. Total consumption has fallen by 28 percent since 1990/91, as rice and pasta are increasingly being used, said the spokeswoman. At that time, 75 kilograms of potatoes were consumed per person per year in Germany, including almost 46 kilograms of fresh potatoes.

A total of 10.7 million tons of potatoes were produced in Germany in 2022/23. Due to heat and drought, the amount was reportedly 5.6 percent lower than the previous year.

Source: Stern

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