Argentine fintech gives up to 8 million to its users

Argentine fintech gives up to 8 million to its users

In circumstances of economic crisis like the current one, each saver must consider the different investment alternatives that allow them to truly protect their capital. The tireless search for stability pushes Argentines towards investments with dollarized returns.

Uncontrolled inflation impacts consumer prices practically daily. Problem that materializes with the official weekly reports issued by the Secretariat of Economic Policy headed by Gabriel Rubinstein. The most recent report disclosed a variation of 2.3% in just seven days corresponding to the first week of November.

The complexity of the current panorama led to a resurgence of interest in the real estate market, a dollarized and stable sector, historically a refuge in times of crisis. Crowdium is the platform in charge of democratizing this segment and allows any Argentine to invest with minimum savings for estimated income between 12 and 14% annually in dollars.

Up to 8,000,000 cash gifts

Crowdium turns 8 years old and celebrates it with its users. All Argentines, of legal age, who do not yet have an active account on the platform can create one and get $2,000 as a gift. The money is deposited in your bank account, so it is mandatory to upload the CBU/CVU in order to receive the payment. The company will give away up to 8 million pesos that will be distributed within 10 days of the promotion ending. This benefit reaches all users who activate their account during November 2023 and to receive it it is not necessary to invest in the platform.

To find out the terms of the promotion and current investment opportunities, all interested parties can visit their website. In addition, investors who use this platform additionally receive discounts on products and services in more than 10,000 brands throughout the country.

Among the opportunities offered by the real estate market today, the platform proposes SLS Pilar, the luxury development that revolutionized the northern area. Promoted by the internationally emblematic SLS Residences and Suites, luxury icons in Beverly Hills, South Beach, Dubai and Puerto Madero. This investment projects to achieve a total return of 28% in dollars in 24 months.

This is the only project on the market with a guaranteed return on investment, since the developer will repurchase the units at a fixed price after 24 months. This distinctive attribute allows the investor to recover their capital without the need for the market to absorb the units built, and independent of the progress of the work.

In addition, the company included one of the attributes most requested by investors: a dollarized income that generates income from the first month. The developer will pay an annual income of 6% in dollars that will reach all investors in quarterly distributions. The initiative takes part of the final profitability of the project and advances it, generating a constant flow of income from day one.

How to invest in 3 steps

Those interested can create a free account on the platform. The only requirements for registration are: being over 18 years old and having an ID. If you want to invest, you only need to choose the project, the amount – in pesos or dollars – and make the transfer.

To receive advice or resolve concerns, you can call 0800-220-2769 (CROW) or go to the website and contact us through multiple online channels.

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