Lists arrive with rebrandings and the Government negotiates with companies on Fair Prices

Lists arrive with rebrandings and the Government negotiates with companies on Fair Prices

The program Fair Prices that seeks to contain the value of a group of products of the basic basket comes to an end after the runoff. Wholesalers and supermarkets began receiving lists with price increases of up to 40% starting this week. In that framework, the Commerce secretary seeks to move forward with companies to analyze how the program will continue until December 10, as confirmed Ambit.

The Ministry of Commerce that directs Matias Tombolini summoned the directors of the main supermarket chains and wholesalers to a meeting this afternoon while tomorrow the meetings with the main companies will begin individually. What would be being negotiated is permission to authorize supplier increases of up to 12% with suppliers twice: a 5% increase this week and 7% at the beginning of December.

From Commerce they affirmed to this medium that they are working to “avoid abuses, taking care of the supply and putting tranquillity at the moment”.


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“This work is being carried out with common sense, with dialogue, listening to companies. We are in a transition and the agreements are voluntary until November 30 and that is why the companies They have their benefits. We are protecting people’s pockets to carry out the transition in an orderly manner,” they concluded.

It is important to remember that in addition to the original program, Fair Prices meat also expires, which includes 7 key cuts such as roast, buttock, matambre, vacuum, skirt, shoulder and roast tapa.

In the run-up to the runoff, sales in supermarkets and wholesalers increased

The sales of supermarkets and self-service registered an increase of 8% year-on-year in October, encouraged by the Government’s measures aimed at boosting consumption, such as the return of the Value Added Tax (VAT) and the elimination of Profits.

According to the survey by the consulting firm Scentia, last October there was “a very good performance of the supermarket channel that achieved a variation of +13.5% compared to October 2022 and a new positive self-service month of +2.7%” .

On average, the increase registered in October is 8% in both sales channels.

“Against all forecasts, in the accumulated year, sales in supermarkets and independent supermarkets are positive by almost 2 points,” explained the director of the consulting firm, Osvaldo Del Río.

He added that “this result for the month can be explained by reasons such as prices in the supermarket channel given the big difference compared to other channels”, and “the government actions tending to boost consumption, the latest VAT and Profits measures, the improvement of the countryside and sales at borders.

All baskets registered increases except for the basket of alcoholic beverages, which fell 0.8% in the sum of both channels due to its decline in self-service, which could not be compensated by the advance that occurs in supermarkets.

The category of impulsive products it rose 16.9% in October (compared to October 2022); perishable and cold 13.4%; food 9.3%; hygiene and cosmetics 9.2%; cleaning clothes and home 8.9%; non-alcoholic beverages 7.9%; and breakfast and snack 5.8%.

Source: Ambito

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