more than 43 thousand businesses were added in the last nine months

more than 43 thousand businesses were added in the last nine months
December 2, 2023 – 14:58

Between March and November of this year, the number of businesses that use the Banco Provincia collection app for cell phones doubled.

Banco Provincia continues to incorporate table table hundreds of merchants, fairgrounds, professionals and entrepreneurs from the entire province to Business DNI Accounthis mobile charging application. This adhesion translates into more people paying and collecting products and services digitally and without using banknotes.

43,300 businesses started using the app DNI account in the last nine months. In that way, they are already more than 82 thousand those who operate daily with the app.

“Cuenta DNI Comercios allowed us to reach neighborhood businesses throughout the province like never before. Today we have 150,000 points of sale that offer the discounts provided by the digital wallet, whether using the Tiendas DNI Account app or the card collection terminal,” he highlighted. Juan Cuattromopresident of Banco Provincia.

According to a survey carried out by the Buenos Aires public bank, in October 2023 were made almost 20 million purchases in shops via digital walletof which 11.4 million were reached by some type of discount.

Members increase Business DNI Account: In which area did it grow the most?

The category that incorporated the most businessesfrom March to Novemberwas butcher shops, farms and fishmongersthat grew 156%. When the special benefit began during weekends only 3,255 businesses of this segment used the app, while in November they are already more than 8,300.

Something similar happens with the sector greengrocerswhich from the 40% discount promotion During Saturdays and Sundays it happened of 1,709 businesses in August to 3,081 currently, a 80% growth in just three months.

To this we must add the local businesses in other areaswhich grew of 41,169in the third month of this year, at 66,605which represents a 62% increase.

Source: Ambito

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