Collection rose almost 140% in November and was once again below inflation

Collection rose almost 140% in November and was once again below inflation

The tax collection November reached $4.68 billionwhich represented a nominal increase of $139.5%, that is, a real drop of 6%. While in the first 10 months of the year there was an accumulated amount of $37.05 trillion, which implies a nominal increase of 109.7% compared to the same period.

In the ninth month, the impact of the measure promoted by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, aimed at ensuring that salaries do not pay the Income Tax. In that sense, as estimated by the Argentine Institute of Fiscal Analysis (IARAF), there was a real income loss of 15% in that tax.

“All taxes registered significant nominal increases,” reported the head of the Federal Public Revenue Administration (AFIP), Carlos Castagnetto. In relation to Profits, income totaled $915,880 million, which marks a nominal growth of 75.8%, far from inflation.

The AFIP points out that the tax was negatively affected by “the increase in the minimum from which workers in a dependency relationship pay taxes.” Income Tax and the modification of the scheme for the months of October to December for those who continue to be reached.” As of October of this year, employees with a gross monthly remuneration of less than $1,980,000 stopped paying this tax.

The measure generated the governors’ complaints, both the Peronists, who as of December 10 will join the opposition, and those of Together for Change, who will also be located at a different table from Libertad Avanza. It is because the Tax on Profits are shareable. Massa has already ordered compensation via the Treasury for $230,000 million so that the provinces can pay bonuses and salaries. But, now with Javier Milei in the presidency, this will be a source of conflict if an agreement is not reached.

VAT, the tax that grew the most

Regarding VAT, $1.66 trillion were computed, with a nominal increase of 171.6%, and a real increase of 9.6%. The increase is explained more than anything by the internal market. Tax VAT increased 172%, while Customs VAT increased by 166.7%. It must be taken into account that this tax reflects what happened with the billing of the previous month.

The social Security recorded an income of $1 billion, with a nominal increase of 142.2%, which implies in real terms an improvement of 0.1%. A total of $402,915 million was due to personal contributions and $615,829 million to employer contributions.

On the other hand, export duties They rose 97.6% nominally for a total of $101,374 million, while import tariffs grew 112.2%. ANDIn real terms these taxes fell 64.4% and 10.7%, respectively.

Outside of the most important taxes in the tax structure of Argentina The PAIS Tax stood out with an increase of 52.8% real and 600.6% nominal. Last month it generated resources of $197,060 million. The jump is due to the measure that extended the tax base to almost all dollar purchase operations. In 2022, those aimed at paying for imports were not reached.

Other taxes increased were: Personal Assets, with 365.5% ($89,434 million); Other co-participants, with 189.2% ($11,171 million); Bank Credits and Debits, with 175.8% ($382,565 million); and Internal Shareholders 144.6% (117,224 million).

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