Auto supplier Bosch is planning job cuts

Auto supplier Bosch is planning job cuts
Auto supplier Bosch
Image: Bosch

According to a report in “Automobilwoche”, at least 1,500 jobs will be lost at the Stuttgart-Feuerbach and Schwieberdingen locations in Baden-Württemberg alone. “After production, the focus is now on the indirect areas,” said an insider according to “Automobilwoche”.

Overall, 10 to 15 percent of jobs in research and development should be cut, according to Sunday’s preliminary report. According to the industry magazine, Bosch confirmed current discussions with the works council.

“Even if we want to maintain our employment level as best as possible with new products and a variety of qualification measures, we will have to adapt this in some areas to the order situation,” a spokeswoman told the paper. The dismantling should be carried out in a socially acceptable manner. In July, following an agreement with the works council, Bosch ruled out compulsory layoffs for the core Mobility division, which is currently undergoing upheaval, for the approximately 80,000 employees in Germany until the end of 2027.

“We are proceeding step by step and developing measures specific to each location,” said the spokeswoman. According to the newspaper report, Bosch justifies the job cuts with high advance expenditure and lower employment needs in electromobility as well as a weak global economy.

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