Government on the blue dollar and the market: We do not do futurology

Government on the blue dollar and the market: We do not do futurology
December 11, 2023 – 08:26

Presidential spokesperson Manuel Adorni referred to how the markets will react this morning, after the inauguration.

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The presidential spokesperson, Manuel Adorni, anticipated that the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, will announce tomorrow the “economic announcements” of the Government of Javier Milei. At the same time he referred to how The markets will react this morning.

“The behavior of dollar, If they see that the blue dollar can skyrocket or not, regardless of the modifications that can be made… Something that we are also going to finish or try to finish is with futurology. Let’s talk about true facts. Tomorrow in that case, if you like, we will analyze how the market reacted today. But the truth is that I can’t, it’s impossible and I don’t like doing futurology. I never did it, I’m not going to do it now,” Adorni explained.

In this context, he emphasized that “No more spending more than you have.”

“There is no money is not a cliché, the fiscal balance and the logic that we all have in our personal economy will be strictly respected, which is not to spend more than we have,” he said.

“The President’s decision is that this is the beginning of a different Argentina. Where we do not have to suffer destitution, poverty, or basic salaries,” continued Adorni, who also warned that “Times of change are coming, which will be complex.”

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