Energy: Environmental aid: Federal government must stop LNG terminal

Energy: Environmental aid: Federal government must stop LNG terminal

The planned LNG terminal on Rügen is controversial. Now German Environmental Aid wants to stop the project. It’s about incomplete or missing analyzes of the safety of the system.

German Environmental Aid (DUH) has formally objected to the planned LNG terminal on Rügen and called on the federal government to stop the project. Analyzes and reports in the application documents for the project are incomplete or missing entirely.

“The operating company Deutsche Regas has failed to systematically identify risk scenarios, and the proposed measures to minimize risks are also incomplete,” criticized the DUH on Monday.

“The application documents were obviously created carelessly,” said DUH Federal Managing Director Sascha Müller-Kraenner. This is frightening, because the two terminal ships are high-class emergency operations that should be stationed on the edge of several nature reserves and in the immediate vicinity of a highly frequented ferry pier. The federal government must draw conclusions from the poor planning and cancel the project in order to protect the population and nature.

The objection was made as part of the plan approval process that was opened for the liquefied natural gas terminal. Either it will be taken into account. “That would surprise me positively,” Müller-Kraenner told dpa. If not, the DUH reserves the right to file a lawsuit, for which the Federal Administrative Court would then be responsible.

A spokesman for Deutsche Regas said that the DUH allegations were “formulated in general terms and provide no substance whatsoever.” Therefore it is not possible to comment on them in detail. “We have over 500 pages in the application documents on the subject of security.” These are visible to everyone.

Source: Stern

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