Agricultural trade fair: Green Week started – Özdemir promotes appreciation

Agricultural trade fair: Green Week started – Özdemir promotes appreciation

Green Week is actually a festival for the food industry to present itself and its achievements in the capital. This year, however, the trade fair will be overshadowed by the agricultural diesel dispute.

At the start of the Green Week in Berlin, Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir promoted appreciation for agriculture and food production. The trade fair is “a great overview” of what great products there are on the planet, said the Green politician during the traditional opening tour. It is also an opportunity to thank those who ensure “that we have set tables every day”. This is anything but a given, and there is also a responsibility for many people on earth who do not have this.

Berlin’s Governing Mayor Kai Wegner (CDU) said it is important that rural areas and cities do not see each other in opposition, but rather in cooperation. “We have to make sure we listen to each other.” Reliable framework conditions are also necessary.

The International Green Week opened its doors to visitors on Friday. Until January 28th you can try specialties, pet animals and find out about working in the food industry. 1,400 exhibitors from 60 countries will be presenting themselves in the halls under the radio tower. The 88th edition of the trade fair reflects farmers’ protests against the reduction of subsidies and a debate about new perspectives for the industry.

Farmers’ President announces protest “needle pricks”.

The German Farmers’ Association wants to demonstrate against the planned subsidy cuts for agricultural diesel with smaller actions next week. “Our farmers are disappointed that they have not been heard,” said association president Joachim Rukwied at the Green Week, referring to the decisions of the Bundestag’s budget committee.

“Starting next week there will be more actions, more like pinpricks, to once again express in a special way how important the withdrawal is,” said Rukwied. In addition, the next two weeks will focus on further discussions with the governing coalition and the parliamentary groups.

State Minister Kaniber: Farmers will not lose decency

The Bavarian Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) has once again expressed understanding for the farmers’ protests against the abolition of subsidies for agricultural diesel. “I am sure that the farmers will not lose their decency,” she said at the Green Week, with a view to possible further rallies in the coming days. Kaniber pointed out that the surveys showed that farmers had broad support for their concerns among the population. “I think that the farmers are so clever that they are continuing to ride this wave in a positive way, that no one wants to appear extreme in any way.”

Nevertheless, Kaniber criticized some of the symbolism that has been seen at the protests so far. “I think personal harassment is definitely not possible and I really think gallows are wrong,” emphasized the minister. “I think this symbol is really reprehensible.” At a tractor demonstration last Monday in Berlin, among other things, some of the vehicles had gallows-like structures mounted on them with a traffic light dangling as a symbol of the government coalition.

Kaniber pointed out that climate activists had also used similar symbolism during demonstrations. She alluded to a protest in September 2019, during which several activists had nooses attached to wooden beams around their necks as part of a Fridays for Future demo. They stood on melting blocks of ice.

Source: Stern

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