Air traffic: Lufthansa cancels connections due to engine problems

Air traffic: Lufthansa cancels connections due to engine problems

Lufthansa is thinning out its flight schedule due to engine problems. Which connections are affected?

Due to the known engine problems in part of its Airbus medium-haul fleet, Lufthansa has thinned out its flight schedule for the spring. As of March 1st, the Romanian destinations of Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara will no longer be served from Frankfurt, as the company announced upon request.

With the change to the summer flight schedule, the domestic German connections Frankfurt-Friedrichshafen and Munich-Leipzig as well as the Austrian destinations Innsbruck and Linz from Frankfurt will also be canceled for the time being from March 31st. In total there are 100 connections per week.

According to an earlier statement by CEO Carsten Spohr, 64 aircraft in the Lufthansa Group are affected by the problem with engines from the manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. They should be checked preferentially by the in-house Lufthansa Technik. The manufacturer has recalled the turbines worldwide for service because it used defective metal powder in the production of the turbine disks and other parts.

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