Final spurt for the Daidalos Architecture Prize: Submit by January 28th

Final spurt for the Daidalos Architecture Prize: Submit by January 28th
Daidalos winner 2022: Gunar Wilhelm (mia2), Simone Schütz (Arcade), Giulia Decorti, Peter Lorenz (both Lorenzateliers)
Image: Volker Weihbold

Upper Austria’s Daidalos 2024 Architecture Prize is entering the decisive phase. Architectural offices, civil engineering offices and interdisciplinary project teams can still submit projects for one week. As reported, the submission deadline has been extended to January 28th to give a little more time. Applications are constantly coming in.

The jury will meet in February to select the nominees in each category and ultimately choose the winners. The award ceremony will take place on March 21st in the Linz Promenade Galleries.

The jury consists of the following three experts: Heidi Pretterhofer, professor of building culture at the Linz University of Art and architect from Vienna; Christian Tabernig, architect from projektCC from Graz; Georg Wilbertz, architecture critic for OÖNachrichten.

All information and the link for submitting can be found at nachrichten.at/daidalos. The Daidalos categories are as follows (offices can also apply with several projects in different categories):

  • Valuable substance: Intelligent, functional and architecturally convincing building in existing buildings (renovation, expansion, densification, spatial-functional redefinition, ecological optimization, etc.). Creation of contemporary, sustainable perspectives for existing buildings.
  • Cleverly planned: New buildings and plans that make a sophisticated architectural and functional contribution to current construction activity. This also applies to the planning processes (e.g. participatory procedures) and projects relevant to urban development (e.g. local planning). Contributions from the areas of engineering structures and services as well as excellent infrastructure planning are also desired.
  • Special prize for proven buildings: Buildings and plans that have already proven their special architectural quality and user-friendliness over a longer period of use. In addition to individual buildings, contributions to square and town center design, urban development measures as well as landscape, park and garden designs are also desired.

The OÖNachrichten initiated the Daidalos and awards it together with the Chamber of Civil Engineers for Upper Austria and Salzburg. Other partners and sponsors of Daidalos are Energie AG, Hypo Oberösterreich, WAG, the State of Upper Austria, Neue Heimat and WSG as well as the afo architekturforum Oberösterreich.

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: Nachrichten

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