how many people will travel in 2024

how many people will travel in 2024

The World Tourism Organization assured that the sector is “resilient.” What will happen this year with transportation and accommodation costs?


The number of international tourists will exceed this year the level prior to the Covid-19 pandemicthanks to the recovery of the sector in Asia and despite the international conflictspredicted the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Some 1.3 billion tourists traveled abroad last yeara 44% more than in 2022 (900 million), a figure that is equivalent to a 88% of the level in 2019, before the pandemic, indicated the agency of the UN based in Madrid.

The recovery last year was thanks to a strong boost in middle Eastwhere tourist arrivals exceeded their 2019 level by a 22%but also in Europethe main tourist destination in the world, where activity reached 94% from its pre-pandemic level.



In Asiathe recovery was weaker: the number of international tourists was limited to a 65% from the 2019 level, despite the lifting of health restrictions a year ago in China after three years of politics “zero covid”indicated the UNWTO it’s a statement.

“The latest UNWTO data highlights the resilience and the rapid recovery of tourism“said the secretary general of the UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashviliwho predicts that this year it will be surpassed by 2% the level of international tourists in 2019.


According to the agency UNthe activity will benefit from rise in tourism in ChinaThanks to the relaxation of the visa regime for many countries, including France, Germany and Italyand of the Chinese citizens travel to other parts of the world.

However, the forecast could be affected by “economic and geopolitical turbulence”specially in Middle Eastwhere tourism is expected to be affected by the consequences of the conflict between Israel and Hamaspointed out the UNWTO.

“The persistent inflationthe high interest ratesthe volatile oil prices and trade disruption could continue to impact the costs of the transport and the accommodation in 2024,” he warned.

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