Taxes: Comparing agricultural diesel taxes in the EU is difficult

Taxes: Comparing agricultural diesel taxes in the EU is difficult

Taxes on agricultural diesel in Germany are a central point of contention in the farmers’ protests. Some believe that they are higher in hardly any other EU country. But such a comparison is difficult to make.

Against the background of farmers’ protests against the gradual abolition of tax relief on agricultural diesel, comparisons with other EU countries are often drawn. Some people say that farmers in neighboring countries have to pay much less taxes on fuel than Germans.

However, a comprehensive comparison across national borders is difficult. Although the European Union evaluates the respective tax levels in its member states, the countries can interpret the requirements – such as the EU directive on the taxation of energy products – differently and, for example, implement their own refunds or subsidies for agricultural diesel.

It is true that, according to the EU Commission, Germany is currently in the top third of the EU countries when it comes to tax levels on agricultural diesel. And other states?


The farmer-oriented portal “Agrarheute” follows the EU information and states 39.7 cents in taxes on one liter of agricultural diesel for the Alpine republic. The “Landwirt Media” portal, on the other hand, expects only 32.7 cents because it includes a repayment of the CO2 tax of 7 cents that farmers receive.


Here the EU states around 51.6 cents in taxes per liter. This information is also followed by the agriculture-related portals “Bavarian Agrarisches Wochenblatt” and “Landwirt Media”. Farmers in the country do not receive a waiver on the tax rate that others also have to pay at the pump.


Even in our eastern neighbor there are initially no special discounts for agricultural machinery compared to other diesel vehicles. According to EU information, you have to pay 36 cents per liter.


While conventional drivers have to pay almost 60 cents in taxes on a liter of diesel, farmers pay around 18.2 cents. This is stated by the EU Commission and the portals “Bavarian Agricultural Weekly Paper” and “Landwirt Media”.


In 2023, taxes including the currently valid tax relief were around 25.6 cents per liter. Other drivers have to pay 47 cents per liter. With the gradual reduction in benefits planned by the traffic light coalition, they would be 34.1 cents per liter for farmers in 2024, calculates the “Bavarian Agricultural Weekly”. In 2026, the full 47 cents per liter would be due without the benefit. Money should flow to the farmers elsewhere. The Bundestag and Bundesrat still have to agree to the planned cuts in agricultural diesel.

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