Scene restaurateur Martin Ho’s next ex-company goes bankrupt

Scene restaurateur Martin Ho’s next ex-company goes bankrupt
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Rixi One Personalverwaltung GmbH, which until recently was called DOTS at THE LEO GRAND GmbH, filed for bankruptcy last Friday, as the creditor protectors announced. The liabilities therefore amount to 1.2 million euros. “Oe24” first reported on the connection to Ho’s Dots group.

As can be seen from entries in the commercial register, the Dots Group transferred the now insolvent GmbH to a certain Hans Michael Pimperl on October 31, 2023, who has since acted as managing director and sole owner. Since then there has been no longer any formal connection to Martin Ho and the Dots Group.

Sharp AK criticism of Martin Ho

The Chamber of Labor recently sharply criticized Ho. It suspected that the castling would be used to transfer outstanding wages to the insolvency wage fund, i.e. the general public, and declared that it was investigating a fraud report. The Dots Group responded that the allegations did not affect any of the group’s companies.

Rixi One Personalverwaltung GmbH is the fourth former Ho company to go bankrupt in just a few months. All bankruptcies were preceded by a name change. In the case of Pratersauna, the company name was changed from DOTS PS GmbH to Soundgang Studio GmbH a month before the bankruptcy. A month and a half before the bankruptcy, DOTS Nussdorf GmbH became Bao Lynn Flowers GmbH and the business branch was changed to “trade in all kinds of goods, especially flowers”.

The name Pimperl comes up again and again

Pimperl is the managing director and sole owner of three of the four insolvent ex-Ho companies. The name Pimperl also appears in connection with other bankruptcies, such as the largest bankruptcy of 2022, that of the CPI real estate group. According to the company register, Pimperl currently holds 118 positions in Austrian companies, 82 of which are as managing director. 17 of these companies are currently declared insolvent.

According to “profil”, most of them became insolvent within just six months of Pimperl’s entry. According to the Republic’s official gazette, in the last six months the entries for Pimperl, in addition to CPI functions, concerned, among others, Luro Gastronomie GmbH and MWWMW GmbH, which was formerly called teamneunzwei.at Mediation GmbH.

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