The pill for men: Franka Frei explains why it doesn’t work

The pill for men: Franka Frei explains why it doesn’t work

Franka Frei addresses topics that no one wants to talk about: menstruation, equality, contraception. In the star-Podcast “Die Boss” she explains why these topics are intended for the ears of men, because it is also about their rights.

Franka Frei is still under 30, but has already written three books about taboo topics that – if she has her way – shouldn’t really be. And, as she says, she accidentally became a menstruation activist.” In the podcast “The Boss – Power is Female” she talks to host Simone Menne about these taboo topics. She explains why periods are political and why the pill is for men not enforced.

Franka Frei became known when she wanted to talk about the media representation of the period in her bachelor’s thesis in 2019. She initially found no takers for her topic at the university. When she shared her experience on Facebook, her post went viral. A few years have passed since then and a lot has changed in public. Menstruation may not happen shamelessly today, but at least the shame is less.

Franka Frei: Contraception and menstruation – these are not “classic women’s issues”

“It was always important to me to make it visible: This is not a classic women’s issue,” says Franka Frei in the podcast. This applies to all the topics she deals with today, including contraception, which is the subject of her current book “Overdue”: “I also think men have the right to more options. It’s also about their lives and about their responsibility. And if not about the physical consequences of pregnancy, then about social and financial consequences.”

“Contraception is work and it has side effects”

Safe contraception is important – especially for women, “but contraception is work and it has side effects”. In the podcast she explains why the pill has been on the verge of a breakthrough for men for more than 40 years – but simply can’t achieve it. “The few research projects that exist are languishing.”

Overall, there is an urgent need for alternatives, for men and for hormonal contraception in general. “But as long as we’re always looking for the perfect male pill, none of these drugs will ever come to market.” There are already alternatives. “It’s about a shared responsibility. And I think that’s something our society needs to learn.”

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