Where can I pay my taxes in cash?

Where can I pay my taxes in cash?

The Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires is in charge of collecting taxes from Buenos Aires citizens. I know how to pay them.

The payment of taxes at the Collection Agency of the Province of Buenos Aires (ARBA) is essential to be able to carry out other procedures. Some of the taxes are: Real Estate Tax, Automotive Tax, Boat Tax and Gross Income.

The payment methods enabled are: credit card, debit card, automatic debit and cash.


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Taxes: what payment options does ARBA have?


All the taxes.


To pay in cash, you must print the ticket and pay in person at a bank, Rapipago, Easy Payment or ATM. Payment confirmation may take up to 48 hours.

On the other hand, for those who wish pay in personare available usual banking entities and the payment outlets enabled by the company Province Net Payments.

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How to download the ARBA ballot, step by step

The download of the ballot is entirely free and without cost.

Once you have entered your platform user ARBA, I followed the following steps for discharge your payment slip:

  • Press the button “Start process
  • Select, from the drop-down list, the tax you wish to pay
  • Enter your CUIT, CUIL either CDI and Tax Identification Code (CIT). Then press “Get into“.
  • Then select the type of plant to liquidate, and press “Continue“.
  • On top Choose: the “Payment Method” (cash, electronic payment or credit card), the installment(s) to be settled and press “Continue”.

Yes like payment method you choose:

  • Credit card: will send you directly to the payment from the website.
  • Cash: You can choose to: “Download Ballot”, “Print Ballot” or “Send by email”.
  • Electronic Payment: Select the network with which you operate -Link or Banelco- and press “Continue” to obtain the electronic payment code.



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